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Avalon's Animal Care

Services and Pricing


Dog walking adventure - group 
My Dog walking adventures can take place either in the Forest or in a secure field that I have private access to and has been set up and designed to tailor to each dog. My adventures make sure your pet is not only well exercised, but also that their brain is put to the test through enrichment games and challenges to be able to truly try and exhaust them and activate their brain. 
Group size will be a maximum of 4 dogs for Forest walks and 6 dogs for my secure field adventures and will last for 1 hour plus transport. You will receive photos of your best friend and an update at the end of their adventure.
Balls, enrichment activity toys i.e. flirt stick provided on the adventure along with plenty of water along the way. 
1 hour £15

other dogs from same house £10


Puppy/Dog visit 
Do you have a new puppy or a dog that prefers home comforts? Maybe your dog has had an unfortunate vet visit resulting in an elongated home stay? I will come to your home and spend 30 minutes with your pup, providing lots of attention, cuddles, play with their favourite toys, feed and water them if applicable and let them out (of course cleaning up afterward). I can also administer any medication at your request and continue with any basic training needs.
£12 half hour visit (covers 2 dogs)
other dogs in household 50% off 


Dog adventure solo
Does your dog prefer or need their walks alone! As it will be there own private service..... this means you can select some of their favourite locations near by and have them take their favourite ball! 
I will still provide the same enrichment service as the group walk by ensuring I get your pup to utilise as much of their brain as possible for a truly unique experience! at the end of the walk you will receive photos of your best friend with an update.
 there will be water, toys and accessories provided and your pup will be towel dried before returning home! 
30 minutes £12
1 hour £17

other dogs from same house 50% off


Small pet & Cat sitting 
I offer in home pet visits for all small pets and cats. This service includes me cleaning out cages/cat litter trays, changing water, feeding and giving medication when needed, . You can book for multiple visits a day if needed. All visits can also include watering plants, picking up mail and other tasks to look after your home whilst you are away. I have experience in giving injections, Inhalers and syringe based medications so can undertake these during visits if required 
£10 per visit

Weekend/Bank holiday/After 7pm £2 additional charge
Multiple pets may incur extra charge if it results in an extended visit

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